Concussion & Sport Safety Information


Please complete the online injury report form at the following link if you, your child or a member of the team you coach has been injured during a ringette related activity.

The Form is available here:  Injury Report Form


ORA Concussion Policy

ORA Concussion Management Guidelines

ORA Athlete Concussion Medical Report Form

ORA Concussion Information Form

Ontario Ringette is committed to ensuring the safety of everyone participating in the sport of ringette.

Ontario Ringette recognizes the increased awareness of Concussions and their long-term effects and believes that prevention of Concussions is paramount to protecting the health and safety of Participants.

In order to gather data on concussions and their prevalence in our sport, we ask that participants with Head injuries complete this additional form: Online Concussion Reporting/Tracking Form

The more data the ORA and Ringette Canada can generate on concussions the more we can enforce change and provide a safer sport for all.



ORA Concussion Emergency Action Plan Template

CRT5 – Concussion Recognition Tool

Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT)

Parachute – Preventing Injuries Saving Lives – Concussion FAQ and Resources

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