East vs. West Update and Photos

Click here to see photos from the 2019 East vs. West tournament!


What an excitement-filled night at the West Ferris arena!!  The East (wearing the white jerseys) took on the West (in blue jerseys) in a 4-hour Ringette extravaganza!!!


It started with the U10 division, where East and West were tied at 4 points each at the half.  The West found their rhythm and ended the game with an 8-6 win.


Next up were the U12 players, where the West continued to dominate to make the overall score 15-7 at the half time mark.  This game in the series ended up with a 16-10 final for the West.


The U14/16 squads hit the ice next and the West continued with their dominance around the net, making the overall score an impressive 22-12!!


The U19/18+ Team East had their work cut out for them, and managed to score only a handful of goals in the first half.  An energetic push from the girls in white saw the score tighten up in the second half.  Team East trailed the West by only 1 point with a little over 30 seconds left in the game.


In the end, it was Team West who pulled off the win with a score of 22-21!!!


Congratulations to all of the players!