WFRA East/West Decided By Final Shots **UPDATED WITH PICS**

It was a snow and ice filled day, but the games still went on for the annual WFRA East/West Challenge.  After shovelling their way out of driveways and parking lots, nearly all players, parents, coaches and officials made their way out to play in, and cheer for their respective sides in each of four ringette games at Pete Palangio arena tonight.

The results have been tabulated, and here is how the games finished;

Game #1: U10
West 8 – East 7 (West earned 2 points and +1)

Game #2: U12
West 9 – East 6 (West earned 2 points and +3)

Game #3: U16
East 4 – West 3 (East earned 2 points and +1)

Game #4: U19/Open
East 8 – West 5 (East earned 2 points and +3)

So, the stage was set for a two-shooter shootout to decide the winning side.  After the first shooters from each squad were turned away, it came down to single shots.  The West shot just missed the top corner, and the final East shot was successful, wrapping it up, and sealing the come from behind win for the East side!

Congratulations to all players, coaches, parents and officials on a fun evening.

Your 2018 WFRA East/West winning side is Team East!




Please click on the links below to see photos of the on-ice action: