East vs. West Night 2018

East/West Takes over WFRA!

Our annual East/West evening is coming on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at Pete Palangio Arena. For those who are new to the association, it is a fun night full of cheering and spirit. Teams are made up based on division and the elementary/secondary schools that they attend.  Don’t worry, the lists will be posted at the entrance of the arena, and on the dressing room doors.



  • Each division plays a full game, and the winning team earns 2 points for their side!
  • 1 point is awarded for a tie!
  • The side with the highest number of points are declared East/West Champions!
  • In the case of a tied number of total points, the cumulative score from all games will act as a tie breaker for the championship!
  • The East West Trophy will be awarded after the final game of the evening!
  • Players are encouraged to come early and cheer for their side, and stay after their game to cheer for their side!  

    Here is the schedule:

      • U10 plays at 5:15 pm
      • U12 plays at 6:15 pm
      • U16 plays at 7:15 pm
      • U19/Open plays at 8:15 pm 

        Report to your assigned dressing room (posted at the arena) – team jerseys will be delivered to your dressing room, and are to be returned at the end of each game.




        Ryan & Carrie Culhane

        WFRA House League Director


        If you want to help run a bench that night, please contact Ryan Culhaneat house.director@westferrisringette.ca.